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ERK - Far From The World El Muto 011 (CD only)
territories: World except Japan
release date: September 4, 2006
distribution: OUR Distribution
Short info:

ERK - Far From The World„ERK? That’s not a name, it is a sound!“

This is what everybody told young Erk Wiemer wherever he travelled. But fortunately this didn’t harm his musical talent at all. On the contrary: If people thought his surname sounds really good – why not put a soundtrack to the person ?

In 2006, Erk Wiemer is ready to go. Having put the finishing touches to his debut album, he decided to embark on a worldwide mission using the three simple letters which can be pronounced in any language: ERK. Simple, effective, catchy and international – just like his music. Following the musical paths of Aztec Camera, Randy Newman, the late John Lennon as well as Ben Folds, ERK now travels the ever colourful and always entertaining road of pure pop music.

Erk’s ability to catch good grooves and seducing melodies didn’t come across by accident. His experience as a cocktail bar piano player taught him how to fool around with classical elements from Bossa Nova to Jazz Standards. Growing up in the far north of Germany, far away from any radio station or concert venue, he started making his own music from the age of 8. All kids in the Wiemer family had to go through a solid musical education which also included piano lessons. While his older brothers started their first hard rock band, Erk listened to the Beatles and the Beach Boys.

“Piano, bass and drums – I don’t think I really need any other instruments!”, Erk says today. Looking at the tracks of his album, the man has a good point. Listen to the uplifting „Swing’n’ Sway“, sing along to „Annie“ or check out his heartfelt cover of Tears For Fears’ “Shout”: Right on! Try to get „.A Girls Named Boo“ or „Pride Of The Parade“ out of your head: No chance! ERK’s album is full of surprises, production and arrangements get to the point. Here’s a unique and sophisticated piano player, composer and singer who never loses the complete picture.

No wonder Erk Wiemer is a requested sideman. As a keyboard and organ player for the Space Kelly band he accompanied him successfully on his 2002 Japan tour. Therefore it is no surprise that Japanese label Philter Records were the first to spot Erk and released “Far From The World” in late 2005. Now it is time for ERK to let the rest of the world listen to his fantastic debut album.

This is pure POP!


1. Swin’n’ Sway, 2. Annie, 3. Far From The World, 4. Pride Of The Parade, 5. A Girl Named Boo, 6. Someone Like You, 7. Always Has To Be Me, 8. Northern Song, 9. Fragments Of Your Past, 10. Shout, 11. Calibre 45, 12. Cadence