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who is Space Kelly? - a little biography

Raised in Hamburg and living Berlin, Space Kelly started his carreer in 1996 with a couple of legendary single releases and a by now sold out album “Das Leben Ist Kein Heimspiel” (“Life Is No Homegame” on Freistil/EFA). After the following 7” pink vinyl only release “Ich moechte die weiblichen Fans von Take That!” (“I Want The Female Fans of Take That”), Apricot took the chance to put out his second longplyer “Erster Alles!” (Apricot/EFA) followed by several German tours and a sold out Japan tour in summer 2002.

Meanwhile SPACE KELLY has gained respect from pop fans from Asia to America. Radio stations in Norway, Spain, Hongkong or Japan are having his songs on rotation. Japan´s First National TV Station (NHK) has shown a special and a portrait of SPACE KELLY. In the meantime Berlin´s No.1 ice hockey team EHC Berliner Eisbaeren asked him to record their official station anthem.

Now SPACE KELLY is back with „3 Ecken 1 Elfer“ – partly recorded in Berlin at the legendary Audio Studios (home of Nena and many others) together with Pattino (No Angels, Nick Cave a.o.) and partly in Scotland. Together with David Scott from the Pearlfishers, Norman Blake and Francis Macdonald from Teenage Fanclub he recorded three fantastic songs on this album.

The songs on this longplayer, with their world-embracing melodies and rythms respectfully bow down to the tradition of harmony-carried American sixties pop. Here is a method to the madness.
And that´s what pop is all about, isn´t it?

W ith his new - english - album "My Favourite Songbook" he turns his own world upside-down. "For years I wanted to record my personal favourite songs of the 60s and 70s even though I had no clue what to do with them. So now I'm delighted as well as thankful that this album will be released." "My Favourite Songbook" turned out to be a fine collection of little masterpieces which will not only be loved by music lovers who experienced this musical era themselves but also by young listerners who are growing up with Adam Green, Howie Beck or Bright Eyes.

04/2006 "My Favourite Songbook" (CD, El Muto Records)
01/2006 "My Favourite Songbook" (CD, Happy Robot Records, Korea)
12/2002 „Schnee“ (CD-M & 7“, Syft Records, Japan)
07/2002 „Das Leben ist kein Heimspiel“ (10“-Re-Release, El Muto / Lounge)
04/2002 “Schluss, Aus und Vorbei” (Piano Version) (Tower Records Bonus 3” CD)
04/2002 “S.K.F.C.” (CD & LP, Syft Records, Japan)
03/2002 „World Cup Fieber“ (Split 7“, Escalator, Japan)
02/2002 „Schluss, Aus und Vorbei!“ (CD-M & 7“, Syft Records, Japan)
08/2001 „Der EHC ist wieder da!“ (CD-M & 7”, space kelly productions / el muto)
05/2001 „Erster Alles“ (CD & LP, apricot records)
03/2001 „Wolle Kleff: He’s dope ass in Amsterdam“ (Capsule Remix) (12“, Lounge Records)
08/2000 „Space Kelly“ (CD & LP, Syft Records, Japan)
05/2000 „Die schönsten Mädchen gibt es in Amsterdam"(CD-M, El Muto/Lounge Records)
05/2000 "September Mädchen" (CD-M & 7“, Syft Records, Japan)
10/1999 "Die schönsten Mädchen gibt es in Amsterdam" (7", El Muto/Lounge Records)
04/1997 „Ich möchte die weiblichen Fans von Take That“ (7“, Sumpfloch)
09/1995 „N’Abend allerseits“ (7“, Freistil Tonträger)
09/1995 „Das Leben Ist Kein Heimspiel“ (CD, Freistil Tonträger)
09/1994 „Prinzessin Millionenschön“ (Tape, Sumpfloch)
04/1994 „Prinzessin Millionenschön“ (Tape, Sumpfloch)
06/1994 „Prinzessin Millionenschön“ (auf der Steinpilz-7“-Compilation: „Spätsommer Cocktail“)
08/1996 „Babyface Claire“ (auf „Life is too short for boring music“, EFA)
10/1997 „Für Dich“ / „Ich wollte nie eine Nacht mit einem Groupie“ (auf „Dynamo Pop Sampler Vol.1)
05/1999 "Die schönsten Mädchen gibt es in Amsterdam (DJ Skip Remix)" (auf "International", Lounge)
02/2000 „Ich mag keine Aubergine“ (auf „You thought it was the end of the world“, FST)
08/2001 „Die schönsten Mädchen gibt es in Amsterdam“ (auf „Berlin macht Schule“, v2)
„Space Kelly, the Prince Charming of German pop music." (tv total)
„…first class love songs.“ (allegra)
„stunning songs by a Berlin-based songwriter (…) making you so cheerful and melancholic, that you need have no fears to throw the rest of the German pop league into the garbage can. (westzeit)

„Space Kelly – the Robbie Williams of the fan block.“ (mc donald's kino news/downtown)
„A grand child of the Beach Boys (...) from the first second on he has us on his hook…“ (frankfurter rundschau)

„…a one with a star.“ (wom journal)