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CUBISMO GRAFICO – “One Wish” (CD in special white jewel case tray)
Cat.No.: El Muto 005
Territories: Europe
Release Date: 10. Juni 2003
Short info:
Cubismo GraficoCUBISMO GRAFICO – this might sound a little Italian or Spanish to some people but is indeed quite Japanese!
What stands behind this rather unusual name is the one-man project of Japanese multi-talent Gakuji “Chabe” Matsuda.

To some insiders the name CUBISMO GRAFICO might ring a bell as one participant on the great Bungalow compilation “Escalators Records, Tokyo”.
Remixes for Tahiti 80, Le Hammond Inferno, Pizzicato Five and other international acts have already gained him some popularity even outside of Japan and he also appeared as one part of the famous ESCALATOR DJ TEAM in various European clubs over the recent years. Their unique mixture of house, big beat, reaggae and crazy Japanese club pop made clubbers in Spain, Germany or Holland go totally bonkers!

In Japan, CUBISMO GRAFICO can already look back on three successful longplayers while „One Wish“ is his first official album release in Europe.
CUBISMO GRAFICO belongs to a new generation of Japanese pop music producers strongly influencing even the older generation. Internationally successful Japanese acts like Cornelius, Fantastic Plastic Machine, DJ Krush or Pizzicato Five have made people all over the world become aware of the unique and exciting music coming out of the land of the rising sun. But the times when Japanese pop was considered to be a strange mixture of bizarre ecclectisism loaded with funny and playful gameboy electro sounds and backed with outrageous samples are gone by now.

Japanese club pop music has grown up.

And CUBISMO GRAFICO, already spearhead of this new movement, shows us with “One Wish” that there is much more exciting music to come in the near future.
To many of us this longplayer might seem unusually wide-ranged but this is indeed the secret recipe. “One Wish” takes us elegantly and groovy from tasty housy downbeat („Blissful“) and tender electro pop („Riddim Mago“) on to fluffy calypso-like reggae pop (fantastic: „Ave Maria“). As a pasionate percussionist and steel drummer, over the years CUBISMO GRAFICO developed a distinctive penchant for light carribbian rhythms (check out “In Your Face”!).
On this longplayer CUBISMO GRAFICO could count on helping hands from some of Japan´s finest pop musicians. Yukari Fresh and Hirohiso Horie (Cornelius) showed up in the studio as well as Japan´s top indie popstar Hideki Kaji who helped out on “Heart And Joker”.

An album, so tasteful and varying, it makes most lounge and club music compilations sound pale and boring.

A fantastic pop record, for which the word POP may has to be redefined!

1. Wish (introduction) 2. Rosemarie Trockel 3. Blissful 4. 5. Riddim Mago 6. Public Image Limited 7. In Your Face 8. Out Of This (Control) 9. Chestnut 10. Ave Maria 11. Chiave 12. Heart and Joker 13. World Is Yours 14. Make Peace For Baby Boom - plus bonus track: 15. Perfect